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Hello world!- here we come.

The post title is the generic title for a sample post when you start using WordPress. I found it very appropriate however for the focus of this blog. Shockingly, when things are going well- making good money, in a good relationship, and things are ‘comfortable’ we nestle down into the structure of the day to day and forget that there is a big world out there with incredible sights, sounds, and experiences just waiting for us to dive in.

My wife and I have been predominately self employed our entire lives. The concept of working 50 weeks a year for 2 weeks off is a tough bait to swallow. Imagine- if you want to travel halfway across the world- it will take you half that to get there and back. How can you stop and smell the roses once you got there?

But there is a cost. If you REALLY REALLY want to live an extraordinary life you got to have faith. Faith in yourself, in the world, and in the people around you. That is another tough bait to swallow. The worst thing you can do is buy into the mantra of work hard today for a better future tomorrow. What if you get hit by a bus?

So how are we going to earn a living, save for the future, travel, live independently, and enjoy a mindful purposeful life? Well- the first thing is we are going to have faith that it can be done, and second, we are going to start.
I don’t have a blueprint laid out in front of me how this is going to work out, but I do know that I if I take two steps forward the path ahead will get that much clearer. So without burning bridges, We are going to start shedding expenses, getting rid of unwanted time commitments, and starting to break free of traditional obligations which hold us in place from exploring the world.

Stay tuned and read along as we work this out



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