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Hauling Out is Hard to Do

The time has finally arrived. Whiskey Charlie goes on the hard before the 15 th of June. But where? That is the $1500 question.

Because our little Gemini 3400 only has a beam of 14′ we can use a standard travelift to hoist the boat out of the water at Guaymas Seca (Camp Dirt) like we have the past two seasons. This year they raised their rates from $115 for the hauling each way and $115 per month storage to $150 prospectively. Add to that the $5 per day work yard fee and the $2 per day electric fee for the Sprinter, the costs to store the boat in Guaymas jumped about 30%.

Not to be ungrateful. Credit is due where warranted. Guaymas Seca is the cheapest travelift in the Sea of Cortez. But I recently found there is another option!

Here in San Carlos they will not haul out Catamarans or trimarans on their hydraulic trailer and they don’t have a travelift. They haul out the boats from a ramp, then truck it almost a mile down the main road to a dry yard and block it and store it there. The costs are marginally higher for the monthly storage and the work yard fee can get pricey because they have to use the hydraulic trailer to move the boats around.

But if you have your own trailer the costs are almost half that of using their trailer and stands. I ran the numbers and we would save approximately $800 per year in storage fees if we had a trailer here in San Carlos.

We like the idea of staying in San Carlos for several reasons. We know we’re going to base out of San Carlos as long as we sail the Sea of Cortez. I dread spending any time at all in Guaymas. The bay is filthy and the dry yard is hot and filled with mosquitos this time of year. Last year my girls looked like they had chicken pox after the first night on the yard. We end spending all our free time in San Carlos anyways so why not cut out the 15 mile drive back and forth.

But where do we find a trailer? There’s the rub. I’ve put out the word without any luck, so we might have to wait until next year but I’m going hunting to see what I can find in Guaymas.

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