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Hard Freeze at the Tucson Gem Show

Can you believe it? It was negative 4 degrees with the wind chill yesterday here in Tucson! The temp was 14 degrees in the morning and just barely broke freezing before dropping again in the afternoon.

Last night was even worse but it’s warming up fast! We should be above freezing by 10am this morning.

We are not prepared for a hard freeze here in Tucson. They don’t insulate their water pipes and there was mayhem everywhere from broken pipes spewing water all over the place then freezing. Schools and munipal buildings were as prone to the breaks as homes.

Working in this weather is near impossible. My water tank was frozen solid. I left water in the wash sinks and they were frozen solid. I didn’t think about my water filters and they froze and broke out the bottoms (to the tune of $35 apiece). My 12v water pump is inop, i think it gave up the ghost (to the tune of $115).

New discovery, donut dough does not like to cook when mixed with near freezing water! The donuts end up overcooking on the outside and being a goo ball on the inside. At best, I made greasy dough balls yesterday that vaguely looked liked donuts. I warned folks, but they were too cold to care!

Standing outside in freezing temps with 20 mph wnds trying to sell coffee and donuts is not fun! Thursday was supposed to be the BIG day because another show opened next door that draws a lot of traffic. There were definitely more people. By the time i went back to Dad’s house, defrosted the coffee urns and made coffee, brought back ceramic heaters to defrost the water lines and tank, and a water jug, it was 2pm. For only working a couple of hours we sold just over $200. That’s a far cry from last year but right now we’ll take we can get.

The weather is shifting today and will be back up to the 70’s by Saturday. I need to fix the water system and get eveything squared away to try and capitalize on the traffic as best as we can to salvage what ever is left of the show.

Both shows, the Quartzsite Rv show and the Tucson Gem show, have been disappointing this year. Completely different clients attend each show. Which to me resonates a more macro issues affecting people’s spending habits versus issues specific to the demographic. In other words, the economy sucks!

We’ve worked 4 days now and we still haven’t covered the booth fee. Luckily, it is a long show and we still have a full week left.

The good news, we picked up TWO more bookings for the Wild West Fun Park! One at the beginning of our season in North Dakota and one at the end in Utah. Overall, these two shows make up for the lost revenue we anticipated (with bated breath) from these shows.

Good things we went broke building the Wild West Fun Park or we might be up a creek this summer if this is an indication of things to come.

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