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Going High Tech-Sort of…

It’s cold and rainy here in Maryland. That’s something new to us over the past two years. In the Rocky Mountains during the summer and even in Mexico in Winter it’s usually pretty dry. Nice change, but I like the low humidity. Of course, the fish taco’s and cold beer don’t hurt either.22

We have a new high(er) tech computer! Trolling craigslist in the DC metro area I found a 15″ MacBook Pro early 2008 for a reasonable price. No matter that the case is bent and I’m holding it together with packing tape (not joking). A bunch of screen pixels are wacked but nothing I can’t deal with. It has a new video card and logic board due to a recall. Compared to my 1.3 mghz Powerbook G4 which we have been limping along with a new hard drive, this Intel Duo Core MacBook Pro blazes at 2.4 mghz. Comparatively, we bought this ‘new’ computer for 1/3rd the price of a refurbished Mac. It even still has a 90 day warranty from Apple for the repairs which would have cost more than what I paid for the Mac to begin with.

We’ll still use the 12″ G4 as our daily email/photo/music computer. It’s just a lot more portable than the larger 15″. I needed a more powerful computer to handle editing our HD footage off our iPod Touch’s from this summer’s Young Guns Wild West Fun Park work season. The poor Powerbook just couldn’t handle it. We want to make a marketing video from this summer’s shows to present at the conventions coming up in November. Real footage is tremendously more powerful as a marketing tool than still’s in a brochure. People know it’s the real deal.

I’ve spent the day migrating software (much of which won’t work on the new Lion OS) and selective files to keep as much of the 160GB hard drive free for the video editing. I’m no whiz bang, we just hope to create a quasi slideshow/video of lot’s of happy faces. I wanted to start now while we are in Maryland because this is really the only place I have time to mentally cogitate and no pressing physical applications at hand (painting, auto repair, packing, blah blah blah…)

Then,of course, is the obvious learning curve. I’m blessed with another opportunity to learn something new.

Tonight though, I have a terrible headache. A headache of expectation that no pain reliever can satisfy!

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1 comment to Going High Tech-Sort of…

  • James

    Nice to see the Mcdowell clan doing well. If you would like any kind of help putting up a promotional spot, or internet vid, etc. let me know.