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Garage Sale- getting lighter

It has been a busy time. We organized our massive three house yard sale for the end of August starting Friday, Saturday, and ending Sunday. I even brought our Carolina Skiff out and put a for sale sign on it in the front yard.

It was INCREDIBLE! By Friday around 11 am, we had sold all the appliances, most furniture, and I even had a contract on the boat! By Saturday, we ran out of things to sell and had a small table of FREE stuff and called it quits by noon.

When we totaled up the money we made, including the boat- it was a $10,000 weekend! Amazing to say the least. We made enough to make a mortgage payment and dramatically pay down Hil’s credit card (my first priority- kill the credit card debt).

Trying to skinny down and be location independent really takes time to unravel the years of buying into the American Consumer Dream. I am very conscious not only of what we buy, but also the impulses that I have from the years of just buying something without a real NEED just a want.

Our next step is to sell the airplane, keep paying down credit card debt, and cleaning our proverbial and metaphorical house to minimize long term expenses and maintenance.

If there is one ‘AHA’ moment here- We may be able to afford to buy things, but that does not mean that we are capable or can afford the long term expenses of operating, maintaining, and finally of disposing of the stuff we buy. This obviously takes on greater importance when talking about cars, boats, planes, and houses- but it also plays a role in cameras, computers, lawn mowers, bicycles, etc..and all these things take a quantifiable amount of time. Ultimately- we simply run out of available time and something suffers, be it our family, or the maintenance of the items we spent all our hard earned money to purchase in the first place.

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2 comments to Garage Sale- getting lighter

  • Cool site, loved the info and I will continue to check back for updates.

  • big cheese

    Thanks Tina-

    Life has been busy lately while we get ready to go MOBILE! Unfortunately, it looks like a good time in history to be footloose and fancy free for a awhile until our economy gets back on track!

    Check back soon or subscribe to the feed and read as our little family unit explores being unconventional in preference to family time and unique experiences!

    JC McDowell