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Fun Time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We left Lander and crossed the Togwotee Pass to pass fleetingly by Yellowstone before parking the big rig at the Virginian RV park in Jackson Hole.

We’re excited to be here for the next week. Our last visit together was before Emma was born and we love the landscape and the friends we have that Hil knows from her work in the arts. Hil’s mentor , Babs Case, lives here and she is probably the single biggest reason why we love Wyoming so much.

Jackson Hole is not necessarily known as an affordable town. This little town of 8,000 ish has more money per square mile than Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. It’s not uncommon to see some famous faces around the square of Jackson (I’m so out of touch, like I would recognize anyone). It means, of course, the RV park is VERY expensive but we’re staying 4 days here, with a little assistance, to be close to friends in town. For the remaining time we will park the motorhome and trailer combo in a self storage yard and stay at Babs house in town.

Jackson is a great little town to ride a bike. I’m really looking forward to getting out and seeing how things have changed in the last 4’ish years.

We have a week long vacation before we depart on Sunday to Salt Lake City for the Utah State Fair. The following two weeks will be long, arduous but hopefully profitable.

Then we are done for the season.

Hil’s birthday is tuesday and she will officially be old (or as old as me). What a great place to spend a birthday! She wants a kayak, but it will have to wait until we get back to Tucson. Hopefully, a photo will do until then. I’ll take Emma out and let her pick out a present for her Mommy. I’ll try to direct her towards flowers or chocolates but Mommy may just end up with a coloring book or stuffed animal:)

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1 comment to Fun Time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  • Sue

    I just discovered your blog. Great stuff. My husband and I just purchased a sailboat and are transitioning from 3500 sf house to the boat. I just printed out your posts on moving onto a boat, to read when I go to bed :-) We lived aboard for years, and with kids, but we never moved from such a big place before. Where did all this s*** come from????