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From Coast to Coast and Border to Border…

We’re leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for Denver.  We’ve spent the last two months in Gaithersburg,Maryland at my Mom’s apartment.  We put the kids in preschool so Hil could work on recuperating from her 2 bulging discs and I focus on the mess of paperwork that accrued since last year.  We took a little break and enjoyed the LEAF festival at Black Mountain,NC and visiting with friends there and back.  Hil and I visited the Annapolis boat show where my friend, Jerry Latell, had a booth for Latell Sailmakers.  It was frigid cold and we spent more time in the car than at the boat show.  I did get a chance to see the NEW Hunter version of the Gemini Catamaran which reasonably starts at $230,000.  I like my 10 year old debt free boat better.

I’ve been working on a variety of projects here.  Time is an incredible gift.  Hil and I have been playing guitar and working on a new ‘song book’ to take to Mexico.  I’ve written a short story, a rough draft of an e-book on food concessions, a new 2013 Young Guns Marketing Brochure, new business cards, new contract, price list, testimonials page, and slideshow presentation for the conventions.  For two months of work it may not seem like a lot accomplished but there was a fair share of wine and excellent Dog Fish Head Alehouse beer involved as well.

I’ll be leaving Maryland about 10 pounds heavier than when I arrived.  That’s why we lose weight anyways,right?  To enjoy gaining it back, and believe me I did!

We have three weeks of travel for 8 days of conventions.  It’s a lot of driving but this is how we secure our 2013 income.  We wrap in Bismarck, ND and then head back to Jackson for thanksgiving with friends.  We’ve secured a great little furnished cabin in Darby, Mt for two months this winter.  We want to put the kids in preschool there and see how we like it there before Emma enters kindergarten next year.  If it works out OK, we’ll return for 5-6 months next year starting in September before homeschooling the kids on the boat in Mexico for the rest of the year.  Who know how it will work out?  There’s a lot of details to sort through before we have a clear picture.  That’s OK, we’re pretty flexible.

Darby is about 30 minutes from a family oriented ski resort called, Lost Trails Ski Resort.  I’ve VERY excited to have winter activities nearby and affordable. I really want the kids to have a real winter experience.  With luck, they will take to winter sports and water sports.  As they get older, they can make educated decisions how they want to live their lives.  I don’t want to ruin the experience.  I want the girls (currently 3 and 5) to enjoy all our activities but you can’t push or they end up hating all the fun stuff Hil and I worked so hard to present to them.

The internet is a bit shaky in my mother’s apartment.  I’m in the leasing office/clubhouse downloading a newer version of the Mac OS.  I need to upgrade the OS to upgrade their version of powerpoint, Keynote, to be able to use the slideshow presentation I spent days working on for the conventions.  Of all things, downloading software updates is probably one of the most brain draining,boring things to do on the Mac.

I haven’t posted recently, I’ve been basically in the same ‘rut’ for two months.  It’s a comfortable rut, but things are dynamically changing.  My brain-thingy needed some decompression non-thinking down time after our exhausting 6 weeks of work this summer.  My curiosity and inquiry level are starting to percolate again.

Happy Holidays to All, more posts when we land again.

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1 comment to From Coast to Coast and Border to Border…

  • Ahh, Dogfish Head. Mix that 60 Minute and 90 Minute to make a 75 Minute IPA and you have heaven in a glass. Fortunately for our budget, we can’t get the stuff here, but I sure do miss it. Enjoy your winter in Mexico, we’ll be chillin’ (literally) in Victoria, BC. We will likely see the Whiskey Charlie crew the following winter. Michael