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Friends don’t let Friends Anchor on a Shoal

On the Hard

On the Hard

We’re at St. Augustine by the City Marina and this boat sits on the hard every low tide.  What’s more remarkable- someone’s living on it!

Can you imagine waking up to find everything 70 degrees sideways?  On the same note, the occupant rows a plastic dinghy to shore with only one oar kneeling in the bow of the boat.

I’ve asked a few folks at the Marina what’s the deal with the boat, but they shake their head in disbelief.

This is a critical difference between a “Full Time Cruiser” and a “LIveaboard”.  For some a boat is akin to a floating efficiency, great rent-bad commute!

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2 comments to Friends don’t let Friends Anchor on a Shoal

  • Jay Pea


    That’s how I ALWAYS park my boat!!!!

    Maybe he should trade for a retractable keel!?!?!?

  • big cheese

    That IS a rectractable keel boat! Apparently this boat has been like this for YEARS!

    Maybe he should trade it in for a flat bottom boat?