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Everything Breaks

It’s just the nature of things. Everything breaks,

On a more practical level, in our second month of travel from San Carlos, Mexico in the Sea of Cortex up to Powell, Wyoming and now Gillette, Wyoming, we are reminded constantly that nothing lasts forever and Murphy’s law is in full force.

Obviously the Suburban’s transmission going out was the highlight of our trip (depending on how you look at it) but now we have a laundry list of things that are in need of repair or just out right broke.

Our hydraulic leveling jack system is intermittent and no matter how much I fool with it I haven’t been able to trace down a simple answer. I’m down to either the wire running to the selenoid or the selenoid itself is bad. One costs about $5 and the other about $55.

Our GPS, which has proven both to be a blessing and a curse, has failed us. The touchscreen on the Garmin nuvi no longer responds favorably to my delicate touch. I feel rejected. We looked for a replacement GPS and we’ve decided to wait a little bit and buy a combo sea/land unit from Garmin called the GPSmap 640 to kill two birds with one stone. The next two weeks are not that geographically challenging and compared to spending $180 for a auto GPS and another $400-600 for a basic marine GPS we thought we’d just buy one for about $650 (refurbished).

I have an irritating water leak in the donut booth that will not go away no matter what I try to fix it. I used PEX connectors for the water system and then hooked that up to a 3/8″ clear poly line for the instant on propane water heater and the darned connection won’t stop dripping. There’s not enough time for me to rip it all apart and work out a better solution so I hose clamp it and let it drip a little every day.

We’ve been lucky with our grey water tank problem. In Powell, we had full connections and didn’t use the tanks at all. Here in Gillette, we got lucky and scored full RV hookups for the whole week for a total of $30! SCORE! We’re checking into the Hilton! Hot showers more than once a week, cold AC during the day, INTERNET ALL THE TIME! It’s paradise. OK, maybe that’s a bit much, we’re parked in a water logged grass lot which has power, water, and a drain. We hijack WIFI from the hotel across the street.

Still, what luxury.

Anyways, the grey water ‘problem’ (fingers in quotation marks) can’t be resolved until we return to Tucson (time, space, and tools).

My brakes on the motorhome are now a bit soft. I might have glazed the pads or have bubbles in the lines from boiling the brake fluid coming down Big Horn Mountain Pass on RT 16. They still work but there’s something amiss, my dear Watson, and I don’t have time to fix it until after the Wyoming State Fair. Luckily it’s pretty much flat land driving from here on out.

I think the point of all this dribble is that everything breaks (as titled). New cars, appliances, houses, our bodies, everything. We wear down and decay just like the 15 year roofing on our house and the 7 year water heaters in our houses (betcha didn’t know that).

Birth and decay are the natural cycle.

“Yeah, So what”, you say? Think of your iPod, your truck, your wedding ring, your favorite pair of jeans, your lovely velvet Elvis painting- it’s all slowly decaying right before your very eyes!

On a depressing note, I’m not sure we can keep up with it. Try as I might, I will never be able to STOP things from breaking. Nor will my laundry list of things to fix ever get shorter. As soon as I fix one thing, another 5 things break.

What’s the answer? Attachment is the key. Actually, non-attachment is the key to be more precise. Buy good things and enjoy them. Take care of your possession. But when they die- thank them for providing you a service and not be disgruntled about their untimely demise.

Hey, I would love if everything lasted forever, but they don’t.

Another way to look at it, don’t buy anything that would really tear you up inside if you lost it. It’s not worth it. Cheap enough you don’t cringe every time you take it out of the silk bag it came in and Useful enough to get the job done.

Leave the heart wrenching sort of thing to love and relationships, where the investment is worth every penny (good or bad, love is never a bad investment).

As always, your mileage may vary.

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