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End of the Season, back in San Carlos

We motor/sailed back to San Carlos Wednesday. The Sea of Cortez was flat flat flat. We were only able to sail for about 5 hours out of a total 17. But the Honda outboard did great! We didnt even use 9 gallons for the crossing and could cruise at 6.6 kn or better!

We are glad top be “home” in San Carlos. Friends welcome us back and familiar faces greet us at the Captains Club and Barracuda Bobs.

We plan on hauling out next Tuesday and we want to try to get some dental work done before leaving Mexico.

Then….back to work.


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3 comments to End of the Season, back in San Carlos

  • Vern

    Tim Anders cpa and I were discussing you today wondering why you were so quiet the last few weeks!
    Having an RV event tomorrow. Jeff Lupton is heading down here for a ride. Wish you were here!
    Greet the ladies!


  • Elli

    so glad you had a wonderful “season”; we are still working on Cada Dia Mas getting ready for what we hope will be the “big trip” beginning next fall. Have a great summer. Maybe we will catch up in the fall :-)

  • Welcome back!
    Can’t wait to see you all next season.