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DUD in Douglas, Wyoming.

Out of all the fairs we’ve worked in Wyoming over the last two months, the State Fair has been the worst. Let me restate that…

It Sucked!

The folks running the State Fair in Douglas can best be described as beauracratic pencil pushers with absolutely no experience or idea how to run a good fair.

It was a nightmare from day one.

Let me refrain from the gory details to say that I spent an average of 14 hours per day working the state fair to earn around $200 per day. In addition they nickled and dimed the vendors for everything. For an eight day show, we spent more money on fees than we have any other show we’ve worked. On the other hand, I made just about the same amount of income at the 5 day show in Powell which cost us approximately one third in fees and without all the beauracratic bullshit.

It’s all done now. We’ll breakdown the trailer in the morning and try to take advantage of the $160 charge for RV hookups and stay one more day running our AC at full blast.

We’re about $2,000 down from our estimates thanks to this show and some untimely repairs. Several of the other vendors commented they actually lost money on this show. I don’t think very many of us will be back to be abused and extorted another year.

We head to Casper for some supplies and then onto Lander to revisit friends before we travel to Jackson where we’ll spend the better part of our 18 day break before the Utah State Fair. I’m hoping I can find one or two little one day events to work somewhere between Lander and Jackson to make up for the financial shortfall.

I have all the supplies we need for the Utah State Fair but I do have to make some new signs. There will be plenty of time for that before the 9th of September when the Fair starts.

Interesting enough, another vendor made an offer to buy my frankentrailer. I’m interested largely because I want to build frankentrailer 2.0 now that we have a season of experience under our belts. Luckily the vendor will be in Phoenix this winter and we can decide after we finish the Utah State Fair.

In total, after two months of county fairs in Wyoming, we may have to choose another route due to the poor economy in Wyoming. In talking with the other vendors, Nebraska may hold some promise and well as South Dakota. We’ve also heard that the shows that surround Denver can be very good.

We’ve met a lot of wonderful people that we now call friends and learned a lot about this business. As Jimmy Buffett says;

Some of it’s magic
Some of it’s tragic
but I had a good life anyway

Believe it or not, the little gears in my head are churning away with new ideas. Hil and I are contemplating a new direction that would still involve the fairs and festivals but with a twist, thanks to the friends we’ve met along our travels. It’s too soon to discuss but it’s exciting.

I’ve also been working out some plans to add a meal item to the booth and setting it up for two people to work. I’m convinced that will allow us to break the $1,000 per day gross sales number we have been shooting for since we started in the food booth business.

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. It’s hard to break bad habits. We’re still focusing on spending 4-6 months (or more if possible) living on the boat in Mexico, but I do see the real potential of building a business that can grow and provide some savings and equity in addition to only working part of the year.

Emma’s new phrase of the day is,

Where to next Mommy?

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1 comment to DUD in Douglas, Wyoming.

  • Damon


    “In talking with the other vendors, Nebraska may hold some promise and well as South Dakota. We’ve also heard that the shows that surround Denver can be very good.”

    … makes me think you’re living in the old west. “My cousin there’s work at the Double D ranch in Texas so my posse is heading down yonder.”

    Keep it up.