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Doldrum Update…

We are still in the middle ground of waiting for things to start. Some of my potential projects have fallen off due to the faltering economy which leads us to find alternate sources of revenue for the next few months.

The movie gig has been pushed back and I fear it will continue to be pushed back until I can no longer wait for the job to start. That’s the way things go. I just get a little anxious waiting on others for my sole livelihood.

We’re still in Atlanta working on a friends house with a long list of TO’DO’s and a small kitchen update (lighting). They’ve had torrential rain the last week and we’ve been dealing with flash flooding all throughout the metro Atlanta area.

Ironically, we leave one flood in Mexico for another in Atlanta.

We’re still pursuing alternative ‘seasonal’ job potentials. We’re considering starting now to make some money while we’re waiting for the baby to arrive. Something is better than nothing. If I do nothing, we are guaranteed not to make any money and even if you stand very still and just breath softly it still costs something to exist.

Knowing myself, part of my anxiety is putting my faith and livelihood in the hands of others. As a lifelong self employed entrepreneur, I’ve always been proactive in jumping out there and starting projects on my schedule. I’m not used too and slightly uncomfortable waiting in a holding pattern for the green light to go to work.

But there’s work and then there’s work. The bigger trap would be to fall into a gig that anchors us down just for the sake of a job.

The dream is to be location independent and spend quality time with the family unit, we’re still putting all the pieces together and working out the kinks. Patience, diligence, and fortitude are all due, each in their own course, but the dream remains the same.

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2 comments to Doldrum Update…

  • Helen Durfyh

    Hey JC
    I am so sorry that things are so slow and frustrating right now. We are in a similar position as Chris’s job that was supposed to keep him going until Feb has been put on hold since July. He is just taking what little he can find.
    We did go to the UK which was great, as my Dad paid for the tickets!
    I am always thinking about you guys and please send all my love to Hilly and Devon gives Emma James big hugs.
    Is the baby due in November, what date. We always have a spare room here for all of you to stay any time for any length of time.
    It would be great to catch up if you are still in Atlanta, please let Hilly know I am thinking about her.
    Good luck to yaall, love Helen

  • big cheese

    Thanks Helen-

    I can’t be too upset, everyone is feeling the pinch. We just have to keep moving forward and I’m hopeful everything will work out.

    The baby is due November 18th and we plan on having the baby in Brunswick, Ga. We’ll be in Atlanta working until the 10th and we’ll plan on a visit!

    All our best,

    JC & the Family Unit