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Concession Trailer Upgrade- Frozen Drink Machine

With only a week before we start our first food concession event of the year, we scored a frozen drink machine off of craigslist for dirt cheap- which is exactly how much money we had to spend.

We picked up a double hopper Bunn frozen drink machine in good operating condition. It can make up to 7 gallons of frozen drinks at a time. We sell 16 oz and 24 oz frozen lemonades which means we can sell about 30-40 drinks before refilling.

This is an evolution over how we made them last year. We started out experimenting by simply using a regular blender and ice. It was a good cheap solution until we hit the Utah State Fair and we had people backed up 20 deep wanting frozen drinks on a hot day. At that point I was probably losing money because I couldn’t crank them out fast enough.

Ideally a machine that can refill itself would be the answer but this again is a stepping stone.

I am opening up the trailer today to organize and clean all the bit and pieces. I will likely have to customize the countertop to make the frozen drink machine fit. If I can make it through the next two shows I should have the time after we get back from Mexico in the Spring to rebuild the sink stations and counter for version 1.5 of our frankentrailer.

The way things are panning out with the entertainment bookings, I would like to add one or two more BIG events to sell donuts. We have most of August open and all of October open right now. That means southern states because it’s already too cold up north and in the Rockies.

November is pretty much dedicated to entertainment marketing. Otherwise we are starting to get a feeling for our calendar. We will have to be a little more careful next year when we get our Mexican Visa because they are enforcing the 6 month time limit per 12 month. Unfortunately, we leave all of November and then another 6 weeks in January and February. So we are really cutting into our actual in country sailing time.

I get a little nervous about the first event after being gone so long. In the end everything works out, but you have this feeling in the back of your mind that you forgot something. Seven more days and we’ll find out…

You know an ICE COLD draft beer in Mexico is a very affordable price of approximately $1.25! Click Here to Buy Us a Beer.

3 comments to Concession Trailer Upgrade- Frozen Drink Machine

  • Do you really think they will enforce that 6 month rule? I hope not! Eek!

  • Davina

    Hola, Amigos! It’s been a great while since I checked up on your site. I had a bit of downtime today and the thought struck me! I have a friend who is thinking of a two year move aboard plan and she had run across your site last week. Matt, kids and I are in St. Petersburg. We had our first sail up the coast in September and here we are trying to refuel the kitty and then some:0 It’s been a slow and steady process. Glad to see you made it to Mexico and got in some sailing! I’ll have to sift through some of the blogs here to get caught up! If you find yourself in the neck of the woods, let us know! Best wishes! Davina

  • Trenton Wann

    I checked with folks about he 180 day pass, and I’m hearing it is NOT being enforced. Check the San Carlos Forum FMM cards to see train of discussion.

    Enjoyed our time with you and Hil and kids in SC and enjoyed the sail. Look forward to hooking up with you again – here or there.

    Hope your trip north proves sucessful
    Trenton and Barbara