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Common Sense Education For Our Children

Ok, I’ve been thinking about what constitutes a ‘valuable’ education.  I’m not talking about the whole reading, riting, rithmetic course load from K-12.  I’m thinking about basic life skills that everyone should know BEFORE even thinking about moving on to a higher education.

Here’s some basics:

  1. Everyone should either know how to hunt or fish and clean their game for food.
  2. Everyone should know how to plant a garden and understand the seasons for growing.
  3. Everyone should have a basic if not fundamental understanding how engines work.
  4. Everyone should have a basic understanding of book keeping and a simplistic version of finance.
  5. Everyone should know how to change a tire, change your oil, and refill your radiator.
  6. Everyone should know how to use a flat head, phillips, hand saw, and hammer.
  7. Everyone should know how to knit or sew.

With these BASIC skills you can eat, perform basic repairs, and run a business.

What about some INTERMEDIATE skills?

  1. You should know how to use a level.
  2. You should know how to use a framing square.
  3. You should know how to use a spreadsheet (like excel).
  4. You should know how to write a letter.
  5. You should know basic geography.

With these skills not only can you build a house but you can manage people and intelligently ask someone for directions at a gas station when you get lost.

I’m not saying I ‘personally’ know how to do all these things, but boy would it come in handy if I did.  It’s amazing how people look to the stars and trip on the pebbles. We are still, at our core, animals.  There is still the need to hunt and gather.  I think with these basic skills, it would be a lot less overwhelming to step outside of our mini civilizations and immerse yourself in nature.  I’ll admit, I haven’t a clue how to hunt, shoot, or clean an animal for food.  I wish I did.  It would make the idea of spending more than a week in the woods with canned goods a viable option.  The same with fishing.  If you’re on the water, food is abundant if you know how to catch and clean them.  

Maybe if we taught our children the differences between assets and liabilities early on they wouldn’t get trapped by amassing huge levels of credit card debt?  Maybe people would begin ‘value’ purchasing versus ‘volume’ purchasing?

I probably wouldn’t have listened when I was young, and maybe someone tried to tell me but I didn’t listen, but some no-non-sense basics would allow our youth to wade through their early twenties without carrying around a ball and chain of dependence they may never escape.

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