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Christmas on a Boat

“Daddy you could be Santa.”

It was a few days before Christmas and we had just celebrated an early holiday since my father came down to Mexico from Tucson for the weekend.

“I could? Why do you say that?”

Emma just turned three and the magic and mystery of Christmas is just starting to blossom. Living on a boat you have to be a little creative to bring the magic of Santa Claus to your floating home in the Sea of Cortez.

“Because you have a white beard.”

I gave up the suit and tie a long time ago. When we moved onto the boat in Mexico, I pretty much gave up shaving. Besides the hassle, I’ve always been prone to some facial hair. The salt and pepper beard has seemed to magically turn mostly salty over the last three years. Coincidence with the arrival with the arrival of the kids and our dramatic change in lifestyle? Who knows.

“I do? You think I could be Santa?

Even when I owned a real estate agency, development, and construction company in Atlanta, the only time I’d get gussied up and shave was when someone was handing me a big fat check. Sadly, those days are long gone. The good news- I don’t have to shave anymore!

“Yeah daddy. But you don’t have a big enough belly. You need to eat more cookies.”

There you have it.

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