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WARNING- Don’t try this at home…

I have this (unfounded) belief that you can overcome the mediocrity of the world by being present and gently nudging the concerned parties to meet your specific level of excellence- or at least a degree of acceptablence (maybe that should be a new word). The cost for those that wish to change the course of [read more by clicking on title]

Bandit Brewery Construction Begins

So our summer work is done. I’ve been back in Darby, MT for a week now.

I very smartly started ALL our permits before we hit the road for about 6 weeks and while stressful to get everything ready in such a short time- We are getting close to be a legal brewery! Watch out [read more by clicking on title]

Bandit Brewing Co., Inc. is in process…

It’s been a busy, stressful, crazy week.

On Monday I submitted our Federal Application for Brewer’s Permit with the TTB. I also submitted the Ravalli County Food License Application and State of Montana Brewery License Application all at the same time.

The list of items to submit was substantial and overwhelming. I hired a local [read more by clicking on title]

Healthcare in America- the BIG SQUEEZE!

I received a comment the other day about a post on healthcare and it got me thinking…

I am happy for you on your premium costs. You are the third person I know of fortunate to have that happen, including a cousin. I would, however, ask that you thank me. My premiums went up 45% [read more by clicking on title]

Affordable Healthcare or Bankruptcy- Which to Choose?

So for the first time in 7 years Hil and I will have healthcare March 1st of this year. Why now? Maybe the better question would be, “Why not sooner?”

The obvious answer, after 2007, we were broke and on the move. Health insurance is/was more expensive than the housing we couldn’t afford or the [read more by clicking on title]

I’ve got the Wandering Blues

We are halfway through our work season with Young Guns Wild West Fun Park traveling through North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah. We’ve been fortunate to have help this year. I have the son of my best friend growing up here to help me do the heavy lifting while Hil has a super [read more by clicking on title]

JC McDowell going Global

Not really.

But I am a guest poster this week on Cecilia Potts blog, Always Go. You can find my post about the “trials and dangers” of living on a boat South of the Border in Mexico here:

Living in Mexico is Incredibly Dangerous

Cecilia was a guest poster at JC and the Family Unit [read more by clicking on title]

Fame and Fortune Await…

Here’s your chance! Yes you too can be the star of a reality TV show and make complete ASSES out of yourself in front of BILLIONS of people.

See below:

Hello, I figured I’d leave a comment because I couldn’t locate your email. I’m working with an award-winning production company and a top-rated national cable [read more by clicking on title]

JC and the Family Unit in Maryland 2012

Whew, we made it.

Hil REALLY hurt her back on her last show of the season in Douglas and has slowing been recuperating. The Doc she was seeing in Jackson said he expects a full recovery- in time. Which is good and she’s getting more mobile every day.

In the meantime, my used MacBook Pro [read more by clicking on title]


Who wants to preview drafts of ebooks I am writing based on the different topics we’ve written about on this blog?

We plan on writing short (and cheap) quck start guides to many of the most popular posts on starting this summer. I would love to offer free previews for feedback to the regular [read more by clicking on title]