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We’ve been SPOT’ted

The Grandparents weren’t too happy with us last year when we spent five weeks in the Bay of Conception on the Baja without any communication. It’s understandable. Who wouldn’t be concerned with nary a phone call, email, or text message in five weeks?

The problem is there is no internet or cell towers within 15 [read more by clicking on title]

2011 Costs on Living on a Boat in Mexico

So, What are the Costs of living in Mexico on a Sailboat?

Well, some background.

We have two small children, ages 2 and 4. This will be our third season living in Mexico for the Winter. We typically will stay in the Sea of Cortez for 5 months before putting our boat on the hard [read more by clicking on title]

What About School for the Kids?

We get asked that often.

We thought we had more time. Our little baby will be ready for Kindergarten NEXT YEAR! Where has the time gone?

Really, where has the time gone?

We hit Jackson, Wy and we decided to visit the Teton Science School and take a look at their elementary program in [read more by clicking on title]

Living on a Boat With Children- Season Two

It’s a wrap.

Season two is complete. No, this is not a reality TV show or some family sitcom (often debatable), this is the end of our second winter that we have lived on our sailboat in the Sea of Cortez of Mexico’s Gulf of California with out two young children.

Emma is an [read more by clicking on title]

End of the Season, back in San Carlos

We motor/sailed back to San Carlos Wednesday. The Sea of Cortez was flat flat flat. We were only able to sail for about 5 hours out of a total 17. But the Honda outboard did great! We didnt even use 9 gallons for the crossing and could cruise at 6.6 kn or better!

We are [read more by clicking on title]

Baja beautiful, but pretty rustic

Hi All,

A short note. We have been in Conception Bay on the Baja side of Mexico for about three weeks now. The water has warmed up so that we swim every day. We have met many friends on boats and in Palapas on the beaches.

Services are pretty rustic still on the Baja [read more by clicking on title]

Engine Died in 20kn of Wind

We had a wonderful day sailing. The winds had picked up from a calm and topped 18 knots by the time we made our last tack behind the mountain to the entrance of the bay. We dropped the head sail and mainsail and started up the Honda 25 hp outboard to motor back to thie [read more by clicking on title]

New Cockpit Cushions

We were in the Captains Club enjoying a cold cerveza and fish tacos talking with a couple at the next table when we realized they were the couple that owned a Gemini here in San Carlos that we met via the Gemini Owners Forum on Yahoo.

Dave and Pat have a newer Gemini than ours [read more by clicking on title]

Sailing a Gemini Catamaran

Last month we finally got to sail our 1993 Gemini Catamaran here in San Carlos. Wind conditions range from very light to about 20kn in San Francisco bay just south of bahia San Carlos due to the mountain effect blocking the wind.

We day sailed four times and are learning how to effectively sail the [read more by clicking on title]

Back in Mexico

We are back in Mexico. After trying to figure out the logistics of me getting to Mexico to get the work on the boat started and Hilary having a car with two car seats, we opted to load up everyone and head down as a family for a week in Mexico.

It’s not the most [read more by clicking on title]