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Broke Again- back to work!

We are back in Tucson broke again! Just in time though to get ready for the Quartzsite RV show and the Tucson Gem show! I have about 9 days to get the donut trailer cleaned and restocked before we hit the road for about three weeks selling donuts and coffee. These two shows break up our Mexican sailing season but come as a nice economic stimulus after getting the boat back in the water and the expenses from the Young Guns Wild West Fun Park.

We really had a great month in Mexico and made a lot of new friends. The day before we left we had a little get together on the boat spur of the moment and 11 other cruisers came over. With kids we had 15 people on the boat! Only on a catamaran!

Coming back is also a good chance to order all the little bits and pieces that a impossible to find in Mexico. While Mexico has a cheaper cost of living than in the states specialty items are pretty much non existent. We can get cheap food and beer but forget about a Mercury outboard carb rebuild kit.

So we have a long list of items to track down while we’re back in the states. I’m hunting craigslist and scouring the Internet to find some good deals.

We are still working on the same financial plan with some delays. Our plan is to save $10,000 per year. We could have made that number this year frugally if we didn’t build and market the Kids Entertainment business. It’s paid off in bookings for this year already but I’m not sure we’ll be able to recoup the money spent for savings.

So we are running lean and mean again but we know how to make a living which was a question mark last year. Now we are working on the time value of money problem of maximizing income with the least amount of actual work possible.

No, we’re not lazy. We just have other things we want to do with our time. It’s been actually harder to make the winter sailing season a priority than to fall back in the entrepreneurial mindset and work work work to build a new business. I’m trying to learn from mistakes.

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