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BIG NEWS! Hil is Pregnant!

Not exactly sailing news or even some philosophical insight.  Hil is pregnant!  We are happily expecting our second child November 18th, 2009.  Ironically, we found out she was pregnant in Key West at the end of our trip before we planned on heading back.  We were going to keep trucking north, but decided to stick close to our home base (as much as possible) so Hil could see the docs here in St. Simons Island (Brunswick actually).

Hil was getting seasick on the boat, that’s what tipped her off.  She never gets seasick.  Turns out it was morning sickness!  Once we got to Jacksonville, she got off the boat and felt immediately better.  She has still been getting bouts of nausea but it’s nowhere as bad as it was on the boat.  We’re just rounding the corner on her 13th week.  She should be getting her strength back and feeling good if this pregnancy is anything like Emma James.

A good friend of mine once told me, “A woman never gets pregnant at just the right time.”  Given that Emma James was born just as I was ending my construction/developer career that seems to hold true.  You might not be able to pick the perfect time, but everything seems to work out fine.

Certainly for us this child, just like Emma James, is a great (and an often frustrating, bewildering) gift.  Right now, everything else becomes eclipsed by the children.  I think that’s how it’s supposed to be, at least I hope so.

My job is…to get a job.  Not surprisingly, it’s harder than I thought on many levels.  I submitted a dozen of resumes on which is the federal job listing site without a single call back.  I submitted another dozen or so resume’s on, nothing yet.  I even started cruising craigslist (not for sex or to rob prostitutes) for job listings (not as a prostitute)  and applied for three or four through craigslist.

My friends at my favorite watering hole suggested I might be able to work a night or two a week at Frankie G’s on the island.  Right around the corner, another friend thought he could get me a few night shifts at Blockbuster.  Otherwise slim pickens out there.  Shockingly, I don’t want to get a job.  At least not a REAL REAL job.  The term “career path” makes me want to gag and laugh hysterically at the same time (is that possible??).

I think my best prospect of actually making some post tax dollars will be with my tools.  I’m putting out feelers and getting some responses.  I’m going to give handyman/remodeling/repair work a shot.  I’m not having a lot of luck with the ‘submit resume here’ black hole on the internet.  I would prefer to be proactive and at least get some things moving instead of waiting on the phone to ring.

At least it’s movement.  Remember Newton’s Third Law of Motion, For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Nature hates a vacuum. Don’t be a vacuum. That would suck.

Ok, that was bad physics humor.  The point is- if doing “A” is not working for you, do “B”.  It might make “A” jealous and all of the sudden “A” is knocking at your door asking you out for dinner and a movie (no sexual innuendos were harmed in the making of this blog post).  Who knows, maybe “B” works out better than “A” anyways.

When we sail we tack.  We can’t point straight into the wind (not even close in my boat) so we have to bear off the wind and sail in a different direction to get close to our objective.  When we’ve reached the absolute closest point to our destination before we start to get farther away, we tack and head an equal and yet opposite direction to the wind.  We’re still not moving directly toward our objective-but we’re getting closer with each tack.

Prepare to come about. Hard to Lee.

I think we’re on the port tack now.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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3 comments to BIG NEWS! Hil is Pregnant!

  • BrokeNotBroken

    Congratulations to you and your family. Best wishes for a safe and smooth delivery.

    BTW took me about 3 months to get a civil service interview and another 4 months to actually start working. Govt is just a tad slow sometimes.

  • Hope

    Hi Hil- Guess what? I’m pregnant. I just had to let you know. I’m due June 26th and I’m so excited. We don’t know the sex, we are going to wait. Carrington is delivering the baby and she is delivering at Watauga now. Which is great, no driving down the mountain. I can hopefully labor at home for much longer, before I feel pressured to go to the hospital. I’d love to just have this baby in a beautiful, isolated open field somewhere, but my partner would freak out.
    The father is a great guy, his name is Robert and he’s Cuban. Dark skin, curly dark hair and yellowish green eyes. I hope the child gets his skin and hair, my dimples and a combo of our two eye colors. But as long as he or she is born healthy and happy, I’ll be happy.
    I have thought of you often and wondered how you and the family on the boat might be doing? What a glorious and adventerous life. I told Robert about you guys and he now has a new dream to add to the one we are already creating. He grew up in Miami and he loves the ocean. He grew up going back and forth from Miami to the Bahamas with his dad on their boat. He loves to fish on the ocean and even says he is quite the skilled spear fisherman. I look forward to seeing those skills. His family owns a house in the Bahamas and we are planning on taking a long vacation next summer after Robert graduates from nursing school. We’d love to have ya’ll come visit us on the island. Let me know if your interested and I can keep you updated on the plans.
    Well, I just had to let you know! I hope you are well.
    Take care and I love ya- Hope

  • big cheese

    Sounds like an adventure, we’re game!

    Congratulations on the forthcoming bambino.

    JC & Hil