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Bandit Brewing Co. is OPEN for business!

No we don’t take American Express.

WHEW!  It was four LONG months of work to Black Friday’s opening.  We scraped the bottom of the financial barrel to get open.  Now we start a new focus and phase with the tasting room officially open five days a week, eight hours a day.

The soft opening went VERY well.  It was just to the point where Hil and I thought we might lose it but nothing broke, no major problems, and every seemed happy with both the service and the product.

We have a ways to go with every day now a series to immediate MUST DO’S in order keep the beer flowing.  My many hats include bus boy, maintenance man, bartender, bookkeeper, cellar man (the guy in the walk-in cooler all the time), brewer, and marketing dude.

Lost Trails Ski Resort (AKA Powder Mountain) has 48″ of base and are projected to open next Thursday (Powder Thursday!).  I am torn between my desire to hit the slopes (season pass holder) and market to all those thirsty skiers coming down the mountain at 4pm when the lifts close. Maybe I can do both.

Most of our posts are being focused on the Bandit Brewing Co. Facebook page- search Bandit Brewing Co. and we should pop up.  I haven’t had time (or money) to set up a new website at yet but the domain is reserved.  Frankly my head is still spinning with all the things that need to be accomplished NOW that I’m having a hard time switching gears to get the rest of the pieces to the marketing puzzle put together.

ONE DAY OPEN and we already recognize I’ll need to hire one, maybe two, tap room employees during the summer.  With Hil on the road, there’s NO WAY that I will be able to handle the summer traffic if it resembles our opening night.  There might be an assistant brewer position opening soon as well. Let’s let the beer (sales) determine the growth.

Until then- I am trying to focus on brewing some good beer- and lot’s of it!  I’m trying to offer a variety of flavors, textures, and aromas within the 6 major flavor styles people expect- Pale Ale, IPA, Wheat, Amber, Porter, and Stout.  In each style category is a wide range of possibilities.  You can change any ONE ingredient and you suddenly have a new beer.

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Bandit Brewing Co.

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