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Bandit Brewing Co., Inc. is in process…

It’s been a busy, stressful, crazy week.

On Monday I submitted our Federal Application for Brewer’s Permit with the TTB.  I also submitted the Ravalli County Food License Application and State of Montana Brewery License Application all at the same time.

The list of items to submit was substantial and overwhelming.  I hired a local architect to help out with the drawings and used our attorney to incorporate Bandit Brewing and provide all the organizational documentation.

Right now the application process time runs from 67 days to over 100 days.  With luck, we can receive our local approvals, build out the brewery in September and be able to be open for business by December.

In the meantime, I’m STILL working on finishing our 3rd Young Guns Setup for this season!  I have three days to wrap it up, pack it up, and get on the road.  Tuesday morning I drove with Hil to Bozeman (almost 4 hours away) and then set her up at the fair, spent the night, then drove back to wrap up paperwork and keep trucking on my setup.  By Sunday morning I need to be on the road back to Bozeman, help her break down that night (2-3 hours).  The next morning we drive to Powell, Wy and set her up again (6 hour drive, 3 hour setup) to start working on Tuesday.

Powell is on the northern edge of Wyoming.  Somehow between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, I need to be at the Denver International Airport to pick up my helper and then drive back to Greeley, CO to setup to start work on Wednesday.

Crazy, I know.  But by August 18- it’s all over but the crying (oh, my sore back!).

It’s a bit of a race, a financial race.  By end of August we have ALL of the money that we will make until NEXT July!  So we are gambling a little that by spending a lot of our cash to get the brewery open we can jump start another cash flow stream THIS season.  If we miscalculate and overspend on the brewery and NOT get it open, well…. let’s just say JC will be spending the winter as the bag boy at the local grocery.

In the end, I designed the brewery to have the LEAST amount of new construction possible to keep the budget down.  We have plans for expansion, but let’s get the doors open first.  So really, I need to build three little rooms and pour some concrete- that’s all!  Oh, if it only were that simple!  Commercial Architects, Lawyers, Commercial plumbers, commercial electricians, labor- Oh, and materials.

Bandit Brew Site Plan


Bandit Brew Int Plan

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1 comment to Bandit Brewing Co., Inc. is in process…

  • Very cool. It’s likely we’ll drop in one of these days. Windy’s parents have a house in Victor and she has other close family in Stevensville. Can’t wait to drink a Bandit Ale.