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Bandit Brewing Co APPROVED by FEDs

I received our approval email this morning!

Submitted July 14 and approved by October 6.  Today is also Emma’s BIRTHDAY!  I now have a legal brewery and a 7 year old!  What a fun coincidence!

We received our ‘provisional’ state approval last week contingent on the FED approval and a few other things.

I have to finish construction to get our certificate of occupancy.  I need final approval from Ravalli County Environmental Health.  I need the State Fire Marshall to sign off on the building after an inspection.

I’m finishing pouring 4 yards of concrete today to complete the handicap parking spot and sidewalk to the new main entrance.  I need to get the plumbing finished and inspected, then all the fixtures set and installed before I can knock out the long list of PUNCH ITEMS.

The punch items are the most painful.  A million little tasks that need to be complete before you can call for final approvals.  It could easily take a solid week of work to hit all the little jobs that need to be finished.


On another note, I hung 40 sheets of drywall this weekend in the ‘dwelling unit’.  The bedroom area is drywalled and ready to be inspected for the proper number of screws before I can tape. mud, and finish the walls.  We are going to start ‘camping’ inside the house to try and knock out an evening shift on the projects.  We’ve been staying at my mother’s house in Hamilton- which is very convenient and comfortable with hot food, full bathrooms, and cable television.  But the hour roundtrip and cost of gas combined with the potential to tackle an evening job encourages us to rough it for a week or so to get the bedroom complete.

I’ve been “home brewing” beer and have 15 gallons in process.  Until I set up the equipment I am relegated to using my 10 gallon home brew setup.  I’m picturing bigger brews by/before the end of the month.

Feet don’t fail me now!

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