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Baja beautiful, but pretty rustic

Hi All,

A short note. We have been in Conception Bay on the Baja side of Mexico for about three weeks now. The water has warmed up so that we swim every day. We have met many friends on boats and in Palapas on the beaches.

Services are pretty rustic still on the Baja (for better or worse). We have been lucky to catch a ride to Mulege to get water, fuel, and provisions (and lot’s of beer!). Internet is nearly unheard of. I am writing this from Estrella de Mer on the otherside of the highway 1 (2 lane road) from Bahai Coyote on the Bay.

This week is Semana Santa, the Mexican Easter week celebration in which everyone goes to the beach. In this rare one week event, there are beer tents on the every beach and people camping everywhere. It’s still fun and the kids are having a great time.

We may get to San Juanico just south of here in the Sea of Cortez before we sail back to Guaymas. We are going back a little early to get some dental work done before crossing the border and going back to work.

I’ll elaborate more on our trip with postings when we get back. Like a dummy, we forgot our camera charger so we don’t have a lot of photos.

Life is good and we are having a great time. Emma is swimming off the back of the boat in 20′ of water (in her lifejacket) and Charley has even had the courage to get in once or twice.

You know an ICE COLD draft beer in Mexico is a very affordable price of approximately $1.25! Click Here to Buy Us a Beer.

4 comments to Baja beautiful, but pretty rustic

  • Jay Pea

    Glad to hear from you brother!

  • Jay Pea

    Glad to hear you are in the blue!

  • Damo.

    So glad to hear you are ok post-tsunami. Ttyl. Db

  • It’s great to hear from you guys. Miss you and Water World so much. I forgot my battery recharger, too. Doh.
    Planning on leaving after one semester. I can’t do this work thing, not when beer is so cheap in Mexico.
    So I’ll be back in the fall! Woo hoo!
    love to you all and I wear my Admiral Socks as often as possible.