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Back in Mexico

We are back in Mexico. After trying to figure out the logistics of me getting to Mexico to get the work on the boat started and Hilary having a car with two car seats, we opted to load up everyone and head down as a family for a week in Mexico.

It’s not the most comfortable trip. We are staying on the boat on the hard in the storage yard while we get work organized and prices fixed top have the work complete when we come back in December. We don’t have any serious work to complete. I don’t know when the boat had bottom paint applied and there’s some more than cosmetic gel coats cracks that I want fixed. The honda outboard needs a serious tune up and the carbs cleaned. But the boat looks dust but fine after the five plus months away.

Boats always look terrible on land.

We can’t really stay on the boat during the day because the workers are grinding fiberglass and some pretty nasty epoxy during the day. Were taking the time to explore with grandpa’s car and let Emma get her fill of the beaches.

We’ve made several visits to the Club de Capitanes for happy hour cold choppe (draft) cervesa. We’ve caught up with friends at Barracudas Bob’s and, of course, we made sure to visit Emma’s favorite beach bar- the Soggy Peso.

Some of our friends are back in the states for thanksgiving and we will return tomorrow as well.

Tonight we are going to celebrate our 7th anniversary a few days early at the full moon celebration at the Soggy Peso. Things go into hyper whirl wind mode when we get back so were trying to enjoy the time here while we can.

The boat repairs have been expensive, but certainly less than in the states. Welcome to boat ownership. Still, I wouldn’t trade it for a big house in the states.

After only three months here at the beginning of the year, it feels like we’re back home.

With luck we will be back in the bay by the first week of December. Well spend the rest of the month taking doing a lot of nothing. January and February bring more donut sales before we can head back again. I’m hoping the boat is in good enough condition we can take a few trips up the coast. That’s my big goal for this year.

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1 comment to Back in Mexico

  • Marlene

    Hi JC,
    About a year ago we met when I checked out your CSY in Jax. Tell me about the cat you are now cruising on. I expect to begin my voyaging in June of 2012 and prefer a multi, though a CSY may be more cost effective. Please share your thoughts. Thank you,