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Anchored at Stock Island Key

It may be until Thursday before we can get off the boat.  The winds are roaring away outside and the rigging is whistling.  I had to strap down the wind generator, which means it was running over 30kn for it to overheat.  We’ve been getting plenty of free power (power to the people!) from the wind generator though and haven’t had to run the engine with all this wind.

There is a military base on Boca Chica and the fighter jets come screaming in fast and low doing touch-n-go’s.  Normally I would think that was pretty cool, but when you have to listen to it all day it gets kind of old.

We are facing one of the realities of Cruising.  You might be able to sail to your destination, but you may not be able to get to land.  We’ve been facing this conundrum since we hit middle Florida.  It seems there is not a square inch of land people will let you land a dinghy without paying.  Our boat draws 5.5′ of water which means we can’t get that close to shore anyways, but without an outboard- any amount of wind or tide and we can row.

I’ve been holding out on an outboard for a few reasons:

  1. You have to carry gasoline.  It’s messy in the boat, it’s dangerous.
  2. It’s another thing that requires maintenance.  Especially with the Ethanol in the fuel, you have to clean the carbs more often.
  3. One more fuel source needed.  We’ve been trying to hold the fort on two fuel sources- diesel and propane.  It means one less trip to shore to buy fuel.
  4. You have to register the dinghy and pay taxes with an engine.  Without an engine I don’t have to worry about it.

Either I got to get a boat with shallower draft or bite the bullet and buy an outboard.

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