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A Short Break on the East Coast

We are in Maryland visiting family for about two weeks. This time constitutes about the only “down” time we’ll have this season.

We found a 2004 Dodge Sprinter diesel van with a 158″ wheel base and hi top (6′ head room inside) and we are actively trying to sell the motorhome. I have a lot of work to do to get the van ready for our travels up to Montana before November. We want to make the van a camper van good for overnighters and maybe up to weeklong stays. The fuel economy difference is huge and will end up saving us several thousand dollars per year!

I got a start on building out the van for bunks and beds at my cousin Hugh’s shop in Tucson. As always, he was a huge help with his expertise in metal and cars. I have to go back and finish up when we return but the initial progress after only 8 hours is promising!

Now that the actual fair season is over for us, we go to work on the rest of the business- marketing, brochures, videos, web updates, and all that other stuff to secure the contracts for next year! I desperately need a newer faster computer to handle the HD video footage we shoot at shows with our iPod Touch’s. My poor 10 year old Macbook just can’t handle it. Back to trolling craigslist!

As my uncle Ken said, “no moss will grow on you”. The more we do and learn, the more things change. I would suggest we are very adaptable and enjoy change. Others might suggest we are just restless.

The world around us and our place in this world changes constantly. Sometimes in very small indetectable ways and other times in overtly huge ways like a tidal wave at your doorstep. To ignore this is folly. What’s more, it will lead to heartache and dissapointment because you will not have reevaluated your expectations based on these new changes.

How can you possibly expect to play the game if you don’t keep up with the rules (or even know the rules)?

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