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A Short Break in Maryland

We spent two weeks in Maryland where we visited with Hilary’s parents and my mother. While we were there I caught up with some old friends from high school days.

Jerry Latell is now a sailmaker in Deltaville, Virginia and owns his own sail loft appropriately named, Latell Sails. He’s helped us out in the past and we ordered a new mainsail for our monohull that worked out fantastic! He’s doing some repair work on our main for the cat right now. I got a chance to visit him at the Annapolis Boat Show and that was a great treat. It’s a different world, mind you, but great to see some boats.

We saw the new Gemini Catamaran that I couldn’t afford in 10 years! It did remind me how lucky we were to be able to find a Gemini in our price range.

Jerry has a great business and a beautiful family. We’re hoping they can come out to Mexico for a visit.

My friend, Seamus, lives just outside of Front Royal, Virginia. He’s a true blue landlubber. He lives on the family farmland with rolling hills that has been in his family for three generations. The family history is probably as important to Seamus as the land itself.

Seamus and I had a chance to play a round of golf, which I haven’t had a chance to do in about two years, visit his favorite little pub and drink altogether way too much whiskey.

It’s been probably five years since I’ve visited. His kids are now small adults.

While not a restful two weeks we sure did pack a lot in during our short visit.

We are lucky to have found friends throughout the country that no matter how long we have been apart, we can reconnect and pick back up where we left off. After visiting our friends during our quick trip to Maryland and Virginia, I can see the appeal of both their lifestyles. Traveling as we do, we gain the benefit of experiencing “in situ” different lifestyles. In some way shape or form, I have no doubt the end result will be some strange amalgam not easily recognizable by any one experience.

It is in this way that both our friends and the experiences that we gain through traveling impact and shape the direction of our lives

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