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A Pleasant Surprise in Lander

Despite all the issues with the Suburban, we had a pleasant surprise here in Lander. On a whim, we decided to work a small arts and craft show here in the city park. It was a one day event and LONG. It started at 10am and ended at 10pm. That translates into a 16 hour day for me with the setup and the breakdown.

We thought maybe we could earn enough money to pay for a new bike for me. I mean, after all, Lander has a total population of about 6,400 people.

Wow! They had bands back to back all day. The local microbrew had a booth (conveniently close to me) and there was only about 2 meal vendors and 2 snack vendors (Kettle Corn, of course) including me.

Hil’s mentor, Babs Case, hosted an Art Camp here in Lander this week and the culmination of the camp was a performance in the festival. The theme was the circus, so we thought it would be fun to offer little coupons to the kids for a free half dozen donuts.

I probably should have thought that through a little more carefully. Picture 20 kids rushing the donut stand immediately after their performance!

All in all it was a great little festival! I was non-stop busy from 10am until 6pm. I went through 140lbs of ice making frozen drinks. I have about 8 flavors of frozen drinks (that you can mix or match to make about 30+ drinks) in 1.5 gallon containers and I use about 6-7 oz per drink. At one time the kids emptied all but one flavor (peach).

We had a great time and ended up making more in one day than we made in the two best days at the Casper Rodeo.

Obviously I would really like to get the new bike (a Giant mountain bike with a 20″ frame that fits really comfortably) but with the new dilemma of the Suburban still in limbo I’m on the fence.

We’d like to hit the road today but there’s some work to be done to secure the car seats and furniture in the motorhome.

I have one good lead on selling the Suburban and I’ll follow up on that but we still don’t know if we’re leaving the car in Lander for a month or we’re driving it until it drops.

Lander is a great little town. The folks that here are diverse and interesting. There is a LOT of outdoor activities ranging from rock climbing, hiking, biking, and water sports. The climate is moderate for Wyoming. We really like Lander and wouldn’t mind spending more time here in the future.

The adventure continues…

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2 comments to A Pleasant Surprise in Lander

  • Damon

    Suggestion: post an ad on craigslist saying you’re looking for a bike and your budget.

  • big cheese


    Ironically, this is one time where craigslist has failed us! It’s really not craigs fault though, Wyoming is so sparsely populated they don’t even break out the listing by city here- it’s just Wyoming!

    Wtih a good day of sales at Riverfest and the Suburban in the hands of Charlie from Lander- we splurged and bought a new Giant Bounder SE from Gannet Peak Sports in Lander. The owner was a nice guy and we got a little discount on the bike to help out. It was the cheapest bike they had and it was still a little more than I wanted to spend but I really like it and it’s comfortable to ride.