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A Grand Time in Grand Lake, CO

We’re pulling up stakes again and heading to Casper, Wyoming today. We’ve been in Grand Lake, Co for over a week now and it’s time to head on to the next show. Grand Lake is still a small community and they like it that way. The community works hard to actually limit growth and the terrain and mother nature does the rest. Businesses here in Grand Lake only have about 90 days to make their entire years worth of income in the summer. After that, Grand Lake drops like a stone in population and only the hardy year round residents enjoy/suffer through the snow drifts and cold temperatures.

After all, it’s July and the rest of the country is going through a heat wave and it’s been hovering right around 40 degrees every night here in Grand Lake. Imagine what it’s like in January!

My mother flew into Denver and drove up (about three hours) for the long weekend. She’s never seen our motorhome or our business in person. We had a great visit and she know understands the power of the donut! I worked Saturday and Sunday. Actually I sat Saturday and Sunday most of the day. I read a good Clive Cussler adventure and got an unneeded and unwanted tan (hey, I’ll save my tanning time for Mexico). This little art show was on the side street near the overflow parking. It sounded like a good plan, everyone passing by would drop in and buy donuts and art. But the reality was once the parking lot filled up there was no way for people to stop and come over and no real attraction away from main street. We put on a brave show through. Really only one other jewelry vendor, Gina, and I actually made any sales. In the two days of selling drinks and donuts we sold enough to pay for the gas to get there.

Oh- on a side note. I ran into a situation I’ve yet to encounter with the donut booth. Bears! I set up like normal and the organizers son came over and commented on the great setup and asked me what I was going to do at night about the bears. What am I going to do about the bears? What are you talking about? He said the bears are a nuisance and they can’t even keep their trash outside at night. That meant I had to pack up everything every night and roll the cabinet back into the trailer, take down the awning, and close the trailer door. Who needs the gym.

The organizer owns a store on the main street, Grand Avenue, called Arts on Park. She was very nice and allowed us to park the motorhome in back of her property for the duration and use her water and sewer to dump the tanks and fill up the water. If you count the expense of RV parks or the State parks- we’re actually up between $175- $280 in savings.

I told her this was a working vacation for us and we weren’t troubled by the poor attendance. She was very kind and after the show was over refunded the entire entry costs for the show and thanked us for attending. Very Kind of her!

We spent the last day here trying to be good tourists and hiked up to Adams Falls, spent a few more dollars in the Lariat Saloon, and enjoyed the scenery.

It’s been a restful and relaxing week and I think I’m ready for the all out marathon of the next two and a half months. The county and state fairs are arduous events. They often start at 10am and run clear through 11pm or midnight each night. For a one man band that is tough! We have a few breaks between shows that we can chill and smell the roses but it’s take to put on the game face and make the bank.

Part of ‘tour’ includes looking at communities that we ‘might’ want to nestle down into once this phase passes (as our friends describe the donut business). I think we can safely rule out Utah (not that there’s anything wrong with Utah) but so far we really like the northern part of Colorado.

Cowboy Up!

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