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The Chaos of Creativity or My excuse for not cleaning my desk

A long title, I know.

Things are a little WACKADOODLE here (no relationship to WACK-A-MOLE or POODLES and god forbid that someone genetically engineers a hybrid of those two! N.B.- No poodles were harmed in this blog post.). I built a new Young Guns Wild West Fun Park that is TOTALLY AWESOME… when it gets [read more by clicking on title]

Bandit Brewing Co., Inc. is in process…

It’s been a busy, stressful, crazy week.

On Monday I submitted our Federal Application for Brewer’s Permit with the TTB. I also submitted the Ravalli County Food License Application and State of Montana Brewery License Application all at the same time.

The list of items to submit was substantial and overwhelming. I hired a local [read more by clicking on title]

We’re at the Tipping Point- right over the mental edge

Hil and I are returning from our second fair this season. In a week we each separately hit the road for a solid month. That’s it- done. A years income complete.

Ughh, that’s what’s stressing me out!

We are shooting to submit all the applications for the microbrewery before we hit the road to give [read more by clicking on title]