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The 5 Week Work Year

Are you interested in quitting the rat race? Do you want to spend more time with friends and family instead of inside an office cubicle? Has your 40 hour work week turned into a 60 plus hour work week at the same salary? Interested in travel and adventure that just can’t be done in two [read more by clicking on title]

Whiskey Charlie Grows Legs

Guaymas Seca was THE cheapest storage yard in the ENTIRE Sea of Cortez, until this year. They raised their rates for us from $115 for the haulout on the travelift to $150 and from $115 per month for storage to $150 per month. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, especially compared to other yards [read more by clicking on title]

Hauling Out is Hard to Do

The time has finally arrived. Whiskey Charlie goes on the hard before the 15 th of June. But where? That is the $1500 question.

Because our little Gemini 3400 only has a beam of 14′ we can use a standard travelift to hoist the boat out of the water at Guaymas Seca (Camp Dirt) like [read more by clicking on title]

End of the 2012 Sailing Season

We departed San Carlos on the 11th of June, a few days shy of our 6 month visa. The weather was really heating up and we were spending more of our time on shore in a cold air-conditioned bar drinking beer than on the water. We returned mid May from the Baja in order for [read more by clicking on title]