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A Short Break on the East Coast

We are in Maryland visiting family for about two weeks. This time constitutes about the only “down” time we’ll have this season.

We found a 2004 Dodge Sprinter diesel van with a 158″ wheel base and hi top (6′ head room inside) and we are actively trying to sell the motorhome. I have a lot [read more by clicking on title]

No More Donuts!

Nuts! Or rather, DONuts! We decided to market and sell the donut trailer while at the Utah State Fair. What better time to show a prospective buyer how great the trailer is with a line 10 people deep!

We lucked out and sold the trailer by the end of the show and we drove [read more by clicking on title]

Frankentrailer revisited…Utah State Fair 2011

We’re loading up getting ready to head out for the Utah State Fair. It’s a 13 hour drive from Tucson in the Landcruiser with the very heavy donut trailer.

We spent about a week working on our 1995 Toyota Landcruiser getting her ready for the big trip. The specifications state the Landcruiser should be [read more by clicking on title]