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Young Guns Wild West Fun Park 2012 Bookings Starting Early

Long title, I know.

We are ecstatically pleased that we have already been approached by several fairs for new and re-booking contracts in 2012! This is both surprising and a good affirmation that we are on the right path. We’ve made improvements along the road this year that have really made the attractions more professional [read more by clicking on title]

Frankentrailer 1.8; A Societal Upgrade & Refurb

Wacky. What can I say?

We all live in a box. This box has walls that are subconsciously put into place from a very young age. The size of our box is based on our experiences as we age and/or evolve to the world around us. Pretty simple.

When Emma was born Hilary and [read more by clicking on title]

What About School for the Kids?

We get asked that often.

We thought we had more time. Our little baby will be ready for Kindergarten NEXT YEAR! Where has the time gone?

Really, where has the time gone?

We hit Jackson, Wy and we decided to visit the Teton Science School and take a look at their elementary program in [read more by clicking on title]

Considerations for Living on the Road

Well, we are almost done with season two on the road. This year we only worked three shows with the food concession trailer and we booked seven shows with the Wild West Fun Park.

The travel part was essentially the same with the grave exception that fuel prices were a buck higher than they were [read more by clicking on title]