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Leaving is the Hardest Part

Walking out the door and driving away is the hardest part for any journey. We’ll be in Mexico for three months this trip and the planning, preparation, and provisioning for the trip is daunting. We not only have the obvious kids toys, clothes, food, diapers, medicines, but also the hard to find boat parts, tools, [read more by clicking on title]

The Risks of Independence

I’ve been working (hardly working it seems at times) the last 23 days straight between the last two shows which overlapped leaving us no break in between. While it has not been extremely physically demanding it does require my presence for the long hours from opening to close every day.

In the meantime, Hil has [read more by clicking on title]

A New Economic Indicator; The Donut-meter

We just wrapped up two shows here in Arizona (the only 2 shows we are doing this year in Arizona) and gross sales are down by about 35% on both shows. There could be a wide variety of factors contributing to lower sales but the only thing these two shows have in common is the [read more by clicking on title]

Hard Freeze at the Tucson Gem Show

Can you believe it? It was negative 4 degrees with the wind chill yesterday here in Tucson! The temp was 14 degrees in the morning and just barely broke freezing before dropping again in the afternoon.

Last night was even worse but it’s warming up fast! We should be above freezing by 10am this morning.

[read more by clicking on title]

Our 2nd Year at Quartzsite

We trekked back to the desert to work the Quartzsite Rv show for 9 days starting on the 22nd of January. This year they shifted the event a week back which overlapped the Tucson Gem show by 2 days. Luckly the organizer for the Gem show is letting us come in 2 days late to [read more by clicking on title]