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Fun Time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We left Lander and crossed the Togwotee Pass to pass fleetingly by Yellowstone before parking the big rig at the Virginian RV park in Jackson Hole.

We’re excited to be here for the next week. Our last visit together was before Emma was born and we love the landscape and the friends we have that [read more by clicking on title]

Panning for Gold

We don’t have a lot of time in between shows typically. There has been a few long breaks that have provided a much needed respite to repair and regroup before another salvo of long hours driving and 14 hour days.

We met Ray and Kathy at the Central Wyoming Fair in Casper. They are seasoned [read more by clicking on title]

DUD in Douglas, Wyoming.

Out of all the fairs we’ve worked in Wyoming over the last two months, the State Fair has been the worst. Let me restate that…

It Sucked!

The folks running the State Fair in Douglas can best be described as beauracratic pencil pushers with absolutely no experience or idea how to run a good fair. [read more by clicking on title]

Blow Out & Big Expenses in Douglas, Wyoming

The Gillette show worked out for us. We didn’t get rich but we barely exceeded our minimum average daily sales AND we had full RV hookups for $30 for the whole week! The drive to Douglas was pretty uneventful with the majority of the trip on an interstate (for the first time this trip).

I [read more by clicking on title]


There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Lunch– TANSTAFL (I’d Like to thank Chris Jarrett for the reference…)

That about sums it up. It’s a lot easier to read about having great adventures and extraordinary experiences than to actually go out and live a life out of the ordinary. It’s work!

Mind you, [read more by clicking on title]

Everything Breaks

It’s just the nature of things. Everything breaks,

On a more practical level, in our second month of travel from San Carlos, Mexico in the Sea of Cortex up to Powell, Wyoming and now Gillette, Wyoming, we are reminded constantly that nothing lasts forever and Murphy’s law is in full force.

Obviously the Suburban’s transmission [read more by clicking on title]

Coming Down the Mountain (with no brakes)

We got up early today to leave Powell, Wyoming for Gillette, Wyoming for the Campbell County Fair. There’s not a lot of time between shows. We have at best one night and one day before we have to setup for the Thursday start of teh Campbell County Fair. Today is Monday.

As luck would have [read more by clicking on title]

Park County Fair in Powell, Wyoming

Done. Whew.

We arrived monday night at the Park County Fair in Powell, Wyoming with the added perk (for an additional $150) of having full RV hookups. After spending more than a month boondocking (camping in a RV without outside power, water, or sewer), having full hookups and unlimited POWER (read AC all the time) [read more by clicking on title]