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A Pleasant Surprise in Lander

Despite all the issues with the Suburban, we had a pleasant surprise here in Lander. On a whim, we decided to work a small arts and craft show here in the city park. It was a one day event and LONG. It started at 10am and ended at 10pm. That translates into a 16 hour [read more by clicking on title]

LAST RITES: Our Suburban is Dying

Just after I change out the oil cooler line, change the filter, top off the transmission, transfer case, and rear differential- the transmission creaks, groans, screams, and we lose all our lower gears.

It drives, parks, goes into reverse, and shifts fine- but the days are numbered.

I started calling around trying to [read more by clicking on title]

On the Road- It’s Not All Fun & Games

Ughh- I just finished installing a new oil cooler hose on the suburban. What a mess! It took me half a day yesterday and about half a day today to snake this four foot hose from the front of the engine compartment to the back of the oil pan.

Whoever though it was a good [read more by clicking on title]

Luck in Lander, Wyoming

Fate intervenes again!

I’ve been wanting to get a better mountain bike. One that actually is sized correctly. We brought a bike from the St. Simons house back with us and I don’t know how we got it originally, but needless to say we’ve had it a long time. Everything works fine but the frame [read more by clicking on title]

Sanctuary in Lander, Wyoming

We have a week before we start the Park County Fair in Powell, Wyoming. Normally we might have just headed towards Powell and stayed in town until the fair. As it turns out, Hil has friends that live in Lander. Even more surprising, her mentor from Jackson is in town for the week working! The [read more by clicking on title]

Unorthodox Early Retirement

We wrapped up the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming and headed off to Lander where we will visit friends and make repairs until the Park County Fair starts in Powell, Wyoming on the 27th of July.

As I drive our motorhome through the incredible landscape towards Lander and pass all the motorhomes [read more by clicking on title]

Work and the Almighty Dollar

It’s day seven of the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming. Three more days of work until we’re done but I’m wearing down. Each day I sleep a little later trying to catch up from the 8-14 hour days. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was really busy but half working and [read more by clicking on title]

The Good & The Bad on Food Concessions

We’re into day three of the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo. The Carnival opens before the rest of the Fair and Rodeo and we’ve been selling donuts and frozen drinks during the Carnival hours. We don’t have to but since people are here it’s an opportunity to make some more dough (pun intended). The actual [read more by clicking on title]

Are You Insane?

Time is our greatest asset but it is not necessarily our friend.

We’ve passed through three states now and we’re nestled into Casper, Wyoming for the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo. The show lasts a total of 9 days, the first 3 days are exclusively the carnival and then the rest of the fair [read more by clicking on title]

A Grand Time in Grand Lake, CO

We’re pulling up stakes again and heading to Casper, Wyoming today. We’ve been in Grand Lake, Co for over a week now and it’s time to head on to the next show. Grand Lake is still a small community and they like it that way. The community works hard to actually limit growth and the [read more by clicking on title]