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Failure as a Goal

My father, who worked for the federal government his entire adult life, said one time that man rises to his highest level of incompetence. It sounds like a negative comment but in reality there is some truth to the statement.

Growth can only occur through failure. Like it or not, we learn best by doing. [read more by clicking on title]

Hurricane Season on the Hard in Guaymas

Whew, things have gotten busy.

Good news. My mother has a contract to sell her house in Georgia. Bad news. This is the only time we’ll have to get over there and collect what’s left of our meager belongings before we hit the road for the summer season.

Hil, my Dad, and the two kids [read more by clicking on title]

How to Avoid Paying Taxes

Don’t make any money. That’s it- pretty simple.

Considering our personal economic fallout was vaguely similar to an asteroid dropping from the sky fully ablaze to shatter into a million little pieces before being burned up in the atmosphere with only small remnants remaining scattered all over God’s green earth to bear witness to the [read more by clicking on title]