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In the Land of the Blind…

The one eyed man is King.

(This post was a draft from before we left Georgia in December 2009)

I’ve been sick with the cold for about a week. It’s been raining here and alternates between cold fronts to downright balmy. While simultaneously running a low grade fever, I have to turn off the [read more by clicking on title]

Are You Facing an Uphill Battle?

Recently life has been a lot of hard work, but productive and fruitful work. We have spent long hours and countless days working but not without reward and indicators along the way the we are indeed moving forward.

It’s summertime and the living is easy Fish are jumping and the cotton is high Your daddy’s [read more by clicking on title]

One if by Land and Two if by Sea

I wrapped up the Tucson Gem show yesterday and I am ready for a break after a long month of 12 hour days working the Quartzsite RV show and then straight into the Gem show.

Both were great shows for us and have provided us a great start for this year.

Great News! We now [read more by clicking on title]

Karma in Motion or Just a Run of Good Luck?

Well, we just had the BEST day ever in donut land at the Tucson Gem Show. Even more striking, we sold more donuts in 4 hours than I’ve ever sold in an entire day! We sold unknown hundreds of dozens of donuts, 52 hand pressed frozen lemonades, a dozen frosted cinnamon nuts, and several cases [read more by clicking on title]

Tucson Gem Show Off to Rocky Start

Today is day five of the Tucson Gem Show at our location. There are about 20 different location throughout the city, each with it’s own unique twist and offering. The location I’m at is wholesale only full of professional buyers intermingled with business owner’s wives looking for good deals.

This show opens daily at 10am [read more by clicking on title]