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The World’s Largest Swap Meet in the Desert

Yesterday we returned from Quarzsite, Arizona after finishing working the ‘Big Tent’ RV Show for 9 days straight selling mainly coffee and donuts. Quartzsite, Arizona is really just a blip in the road 8 months out of the year with a population of roughly 3,000 people. But come November the population starts to swell from [read more by clicking on title]

The Winds of Change follow Patience and Persistence

When you take a leap of faith and step out into the unknown you can go a long stretch without any validation or signs that you’re on the right path. With patience and persistence the winds of change slowly put the wind at your back and the world aligns at least for a little while.

[read more by clicking on title]

Every Man is a Fool in Some Man’s Opinion

-Spanish Proverb

Sometimes I receive a comment that despite not being entirely positive, offers a valid point and I feel compelled to share it in full. This is obviously a personal blog shared by friends and family and stumbled across by others. Some of whom have become friends.

To a staggering degree we share honestly [read more by clicking on title]

Social Services in Arizona

One Word- WOW!

OK, this may not apply to families with health care coverage provided through their employers- but for everyone else…

Along with 52% of the country we are recipients of the WIC program which supports “women, infants, and children” up to five years of age. We found out about this program through the [read more by clicking on title]

2010 Roars in like a Lion..

Happy New Year!

Cowgirl Charley Bella

We have been intermittent on posting lately as a result of having a newborn and a very active 2 year old. I’m certain the parents out there understand the zombie like state one undergoes in the never ending series of days that turn into nights that last seemingly [read more by clicking on title]