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2010 Roars in like a Lion..

Happy New Year!

Cowgirl Charley Bella

Cowgirl Charley Bella

We have been intermittent on posting lately as a result of having a newborn and a very active 2 year old.  I’m certain the parents out there understand the zombie like state one undergoes in the never ending series of days that turn into nights that last seemingly forever after having a child.  The lack of sleep, exercise, a good diet generally leave both parents brain dead without a single creative thought outside of the occasional whimsical notion of bathing or brushing teeth.

The move, while slow, fell into a less than ‘poke my eyes out’ painful pace once I accepted we WOULD be stopping every two to three hours weather I liked it or not for the entire 2100 miles.

Betty Crocker at work!

Betty Crocker at work!

Once in Tucson, the holidays went into full throttle.  We did manage to unload and get everything sorted and stored at my Dad’s house to the degree that while it looks like my father just went round the bend from mature senior back into infancy with all the toys and implements of destruction littered around his house, at least there is enough room to play a game of pool in the den without stepping over kids toys and clothes.

Although, you do have to be careful when taking a certain side pocket shot lest you hit the Betty Homemaker play time kitchen with real cooking sound effects that I pleaded with my collective parents NOT to buy my 2 year old for Christmas.

To be fair, Emma loves it.

As I mentioned in a previous post I have a theory on planning:

The more you plan, the more the plan changes.

We ‘planned’ on heading down to Mexico after Christmas for the New Years for about a week.  After Christmas I started the task of calling Quartzsite for all the proper documentation and permits.  That turned into a nightmare and we decided it would be best to make sure we’re prepared for this big show middle of January and stay in Tucson to wrap up loose ends.

A note about that.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Truer words have never been spoken.  I don’t care how well prepared you feel.  When starting a new endeavor you’re going to run headlong into the unknown (scary sound effects).  This applies to jobs, hobbies, sports, love affairs, and of course re-creating one self after complete and utter financial destruction.

Anyways without getting into the nitty gritty.  The Fire Inspector said something that contradicted the Health Inspector that meant I would have to install some ridiculous piece of equipment in my tent that is normally used in commercial kitchens and would cost more than my donut machine did in the first place.  After three days of phone calls, internet searches, and desperate panic it turns out I’m such a small fry (literally) I dodged the bullet and I was fine.

The Health department here in Arizona is A LOT more specific and stringent than I have encountered in Georgia.  This has made me revisit my booth layout and add some more features to fully comply with the health code.  When you’ve forked out $1200 that is non-refundable, you damn well want to make sure you pass the $50 health inspection!

For this mondo 100,000 people, 16 day event I have expanded our menu to include:

  • Mini donuts
  • Coffee
  • Bottled Soft Drinks
  • Water
  • Frosted Nuts
  • Frozen Lemonade

It means a little more equipment but I’m hoping to capture another segment of sales to compliment the donuts.

Since I haven’t really worked since October, we’re really hoping to recapitalize the bank accounts from this one show because ‘weze broke’.  (note:  Yes, I just used an old southern piece of vernacular that justifiably should be left to guys in overalls with no teeth that means ‘We are’.  Don’t judge me, Man!)

After that, we ‘plan’ on spending the entire month of February on the boat in Mexico which will be largely spent cleaning and sorting it all out to be functional.  After February, we’ll be on the boat intermittently while doing more shows in Arizona until we head east come April.

New realizations.  We’re not going to be spending much time on the boat this season until at least November.  I’m a little disappointed in that personally.  I was really hoping to be able be on the water more and regain the wonderful feeling of being somehow aligned with nature while living on a boat.  It still stirs me and motivates me.  I wanted an injection of ‘vision’ to recover from the last draining EIGHT months on land and propel me forward to strengthen our resolve that will carry us the next 6 months until we can return to our boat.

Funny thing (not really, at least not in the ‘Ha Ha’ sense). Sometimes while trying to follow your dream it takes you farther away.  One can only hope that it’s a circular route that will, in the end, lead you back to port.

Happy New Year and many thanks to all our friends and family.

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1 comment to 2010 Roars in like a Lion..

  • BrokeNotBroken

    Happy New Year! Glad to see you all are still alive and kicking. Our second child came right before I started grad school and I have no idea how we managed to do anything but just survive for at least the first year–okay make that 2 years.

    For a little motivation, I have the Maxing Out Red Seas Chronicle video I’d like to send your way, but I don’t have your new address. Email it to me when you get a chance. I gifted the video to myself for Christmas. It’s pretty good. A little light on the sailing but interesting and worth watching.

    We hope the event goes well and replenishes the bank account.