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Doldrums Over- New Crew Member Arrived!

At 12:04pm on November the 20th,2009 Charley Bella McDowell was born! We thought for sure she was going to arrive early. Two weeks before her due date intermittent contractions started and we prepared for the ‘iminent’ arrival. That was a long two weeks! Hil’s due date came and went and our doctor scheduled Hil to [read more by clicking on title]

How do you Keep Busy on a Boat?

The question comes up;

What are you going to DO on a boat for 4 months?

The easy smart alecky answer is:

As little as possible

But that’s not really the case. Especially this year. We bought the 1993 Gemini 3200 Catamaran in San Carlos, Mexico and have yet to spend a single night aboard. [read more by clicking on title]

Waiting for Baby

Not exactly doldrums, we are waiting patiently for baby to make her grand entrance any time now.

I’m back in St. Simons with Hil and Emma James. My Dad drove out from Arizona to help out with Emma. I’m still hustling around to make a buck before we head west for the winter. Remodeling, Yard [read more by clicking on title]