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I lied and it’s my fault…

Not recently. Actually it was 21 years ago.

I’m a grown man, a soon to be father of two children, a husband and yet the memories from an event 21 years ago are still as painful (maybe more) than the day it happened when I was 18 in high school.

The internet is a wonderful [read more by clicking on title]

I Ran Off and Joined the Carnival…

For the Weekend…

I was accepted into the Mustang Mania Fall Festival in Bradenton, Florida for the Mini Donut Booth last weekend and I drove 9 hours from Atlanta to Bradenton on Friday to be there to setup early Saturday morning.

The festival was a fundraiser for the music program of the [read more by clicking on title]

See More, Do More, Be More

A youngster innocently asked me recently why don’t we just live in a house like everyone else? Boy, is that a complicated question. I was thinking about how to respond so a 14 year old boy might understand based on his little but all important world.

I don’t think there’s much point delving into deep [read more by clicking on title]

The Donut Man Cometh…

A brief synopsis…

After spending 20 years in Atlanta in real estate development, making a bunch of cash then losing it all in 2007, we decided this was an excellent opportunity to ‘adapt’ our lifestyle to how we really wanted to live. We want to work to live not live to work! Shockingly, my wife [read more by clicking on title]