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We’re in the Donut Business!

Well, we went and did it.

With time and work slipping by, we decided to move forward with the fair/festival concession business. We found a lil orbits automatic mini donut machine for sale for a good price in Atlanta and, once again, over extended ourselves to make the leap of faith to try something completely [read more by clicking on title]

Doldrum Update…

We are still in the middle ground of waiting for things to start. Some of my potential projects have fallen off due to the faltering economy which leads us to find alternate sources of revenue for the next few months.

The movie gig has been pushed back and I fear it will continue to be [read more by clicking on title]

Earning a Living on a Boat- Writing

Unless you’re tied to a dock, living on a boat presents unique obstacles to earning a living not found living on land. If you’re on anchor there is the obvious issue of ‘commuting’ to land every day. A bigger problem, if you are actually ‘in transit’, as most boaters dream, how could you keep to [read more by clicking on title]

Hurricane Jimena and the effects on San Carlos, Mexico

Hurricane Jimena pushed onto land in the middle of the Baja peninsula weakening as it climbed higher into the mountains before landing in the Sea of Cortez. Our boat is moored in the bay at San Carlos which is almost in the center of the Baja Peninsula on the mainland side of Mexico and ‘historically’ [read more by clicking on title]

How to Move onto a Boat; part 3- Lose the Attitude

In previous posts we discussed how to make the transition from a land based home to a floating home. The first and obvious step is to reduce your belongings to dramatically downsize from 1500 feet or more of living space down to a boat sized 3-500 square feet. Losing the stuff is critical from a [read more by clicking on title]