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Our New Crew Member is a Girl!

While I am sunbathing in Tucson building a trailer for our new home, a 1993 Gemini 3400 Catamaran that we purchased in San Carlos, Mexico, Hil had her 22 week Doc appointment. We were 99.9% certain that this child was going to be a boy. Of course, we were 99.9% certain Emma James was going [read more by clicking on title]

Buying a Boat in a Foreign Country

I head down to Mexico today from Tucson, Arizona to inspect the 1993 Gemini Catamaran that we have under contract. We knew that there would be new and different hurdles to overcome buying a boat in a foreign country, despite the proximity to Mexico.

I’ve found that there are several factors to purchasing a boat [read more by clicking on title]

Turning 39 and Starting Over

Technically, I’ve just about hit the midway point of my life. I’m hoping for more, but I’d better make the most out of what’s left of my life.

Today I turn 39 years of age. I neither feel old or young. But my wife likes to remind me that I am old(er) because she’s two [read more by clicking on title]

Will Work for a Home

The house on St. Simons has been rented since late May and we’ve been staying with friends in Stockbridge while I’ve been working on his house. We got there and I worked for 14 days putting in a total of 122 hours both on exterior and interior repairs. I helped the owner install two garage [read more by clicking on title]

Feedback Wanted on Updating Website

It’s time.

I need to spend some time and work on the the website. There’s several very interesting WordPress plugins that I want to include on the site and change some of the side bar features.

I was thinking about adding a section on sailing books. Another sidebar section with links to interesting websites. I’d [read more by clicking on title]

Wirelessly Upload Your Photos to your Blog, Facebook, and more…

Everyone know a picture paints a thousand words. In the blogosphere it really helps to add a pertinent picture to your posts but it can be a real pain to simultaneously have a camera handy AND be thinking about content for a blog post.

Most of the time I might have the camera handy, but [read more by clicking on title]

No Jobs for Generalists

Interestingly (or sadly), having been self employed all my adult life in real estate and construction, I find I am now virtually unemployable. I have broad skills from the years spent wearing many hats. Apparently, however, I do not have the specific skills employers are looking for and I get the “do not qualify” stamp [read more by clicking on title]