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Redefining our Definition of Retirement

For the better part of this decade, the federal policy on retirement has been to ‘ease’ employees past the age of 50 out of the workforce. Certainly as a society, we have developed a mythical concept of retirement that can be compared to some nirvana of ancient greek lore. After retirement our days are spent [read more by clicking on title]

I have a confession to make…

Ok, here it goes.

I’m really not that good a sailor. I know, I know, I’ve got the salt and pepper beard, the torn t-shirts, deck shoes, and raccoon-eyes tan like all good sailors. But I’m really not that good a sailor. I haven’t crossed any oceans. I don’t know a thing about racing. I [read more by clicking on title]

Living on a Sailboat- 4 month update

We left Key west and sailed offshore up the coast and ‘parked’ the boat in Jacksonville Beach at Beach Marine to clean her up after being a salty dog for 4 months. Besides one night at the fuel dock in St. Augustine in January this is the only other time we have spent on the [read more by clicking on title]

How to Convince Your Wife to Live on a Sailboat

How about a blog on how that first conversation with your wife went. You know the one where you turn to her and say, “Love of my life, how about sailing away with me and our little one on our boat.”

My wonderful wife thinks I’m having a mid-life crisis at the suggestion. But, I [read more by clicking on title]