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The Kindness of Cruisers

I keep an eye on Cruisers Forum and I commented on a question someone had about living aboard a sailboat. I received a very kind response from Loree Alderisio who live aboard their catamaran in Miami called ‘Sea Wolf’. They have a website at CruisersLife that you can check out about their experiences raising a [read more by clicking on title]

Upgrading our Anchor

When we bought our CSY 33, the boat was once owned by a live aboard who stayed in Florida during Hurricane Season. He had more anchors, chain, and rode on board than you could imagine. When we decided to move aboard the sailboat this year, I pulled everything off the boat and we sorted it [read more by clicking on title]

Motoring the ICW from St. Augustine to Daytona

We left St. Augustine bright and early off the fuel dock. It had been cold, downright freezing actually, the day before , so we decided to pull anchor and stay overnight at the Municipal Marina because we were low on diesel and couldn’t run the heater. Coincidentally, we also ran out of fresh water. The [read more by clicking on title]

What are the REAL costs to living on a Sailboat?

We are in month three of living on our sailboat. Here are a breakdown of the costs of living averaged so far for our time on the boat.

Average monthly diesel cost: $80 Average propane cost: $25 Average Food Cost: $400 Eating/Drinking out: $125 Mooring/Dinghy Fees: $125 Cell/Internet Bill: $200 (ughh) Health Insurance: $225 Life [read more by clicking on title]

Sailing Offshore from Palm Beach to Key Biscayne

We spent a wonderful day people/boat watching in Palm Beach and cleaned the boat inside and out. This was the first time we’ve been able to pull out the cockpit cushions and enjoy our outdoor living room!

The next day, taking a lesson from our St. Lucie Inlet experience, we left the Fort Worth Inlet [read more by clicking on title]

1st time sailing offshore with a child

Hil and I have sailed offshore before, here in Florida, Georgia, and in the BVI. But it has been over a year for Hil (because of Emma) and I’ve only been out once in the last year and half.

Wind conditions were working around from the North which causes the waves to rise from 2-3′ [read more by clicking on title]