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Mooring at the Stuart, Florida Municipal Marina

We’ve had a frantic couple of weeks here in Stuart, Florida. My wife grew up in this area and has family and friends that we have been visiting during our stay. We departed the ICW by at the St. Lucie river and picked up a mooring at the new and unfinished municipal marina.

They have [read more by clicking on title]

Motoring on a Sailboat on the ICW

We finally left St. Augustine, Florida to head south on the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW). The ICW in Florida is fairly straight unlike in Georgia and just seems to go on FOREVER! We have to hand steer the sailboat at a roaring 5kn +/- depending on the current due to the ever changing shoaling spots and [read more by clicking on title]

St. Augustine Night Photo at Anchorage

I like this photo because you can get a sense of what land looks like from the boat at night. To a certain degree land looks a lot prettier from the water. We really enjoyed St. Augustine and encourage sailors to spend some time to wander the streets and enjoy the historic downtown and it’s [read more by clicking on title]

St. Augustine Anchorage Foggy Night Picture

The fog rolled into our anchorage at the St. Augustine City Marina just at sunset filling the sky with a blurry reflection of the setting sun and the multi-colored city night. I love the every changing landscapes with new sunrises and sunsets to admire.

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Baby on Board a Sailboat- Safety Issues

Before we decided to move onto our CSY 33 sailboat, we tried to read as much as we could about child safety on board a sailboat. Every parents worst nightmare is having a child fall overboard. Now that we are on the boat and have a few months behind us, I’ll share with you what [read more by clicking on title]

Installing a Wind Generator on a Sailboat

Power to the People!

KISS wind generator

While we were at St. Augustine, Florida we had an opportunity to buy a used KISS wind generator. Since we have been motoring a lot down the ICW I hadn’t really needed much auxillary power, but once at anchor we really noticed how much power we used.

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Composting Head in a Sailboat Update!

Airhead in our CSY 33

We installed a Airhead Composting toilet on our CSY 33 a few years ago and until recently we really only used it intermittently and mainly for long weekends. It has been almost 4 years since we installed the unit and over 6 weeks of full time living aboard our [read more by clicking on title]