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Rain Days Living on a Boat with Children

rainy days on the boat

What do you do when the weather is just really CRAPPY out when you live on a boat?

Pretty much the same thing you do at home- stay inside and have fun! The weather has been cold and rainy for a few days here in St. Augustine as a [read more by clicking on title]

We Take Live Aboard Hygiene and Safety Very Seriously!

Hygiene Safety at Sea

You can never be TOO careful! We take personal hygiene and safety very seriously aboard the boat. We wouldn’t want to take a chance of Emma drowning while brushing her teeth. REMEMBER- Always wear a USCG approved Personal Flotation Device while brushing your teeth. Why take a chance?

Friends don’t let Friends Anchor on a Shoal

On the Hard

We’re at St. Augustine by the City Marina and this boat sits on the hard every low tide. What’s more remarkable- someone’s living on it!

Can you imagine waking up to find everything 70 degrees sideways? On the same note, the occupant rows a plastic dinghy to shore with only one [read more by clicking on title]

Clear Skies and a Sunburn to St. Augustine

It was Saturday morning the 9th of January and were tied to the public dock right in front of the Sisters Creek Draw Bridge which leads out into the St. Johns River. We started hearing people rustling outside around 6am and I looked out to find a busy boat ramp full of anxious fisherman. At [read more by clicking on title]

Running Aground and a Rescue on the River

By Friday the 8th of January, the weather had calmed significantly and we weighed anchor(s) by 9am to cross the Cumberland Sound to Amelia Island. This time was completely different than the day before when we tried to cross the sound in gale force gusts and 3-4’ waves. On a falling tide we were pushed [read more by clicking on title]

Replacing the Emergency Manual Bilge Pump

Whale Gusher Manual Bilge

It has been said that there is no better bilge pump than a bucket and a scared sailor. I hope not to be that sailor.

Our CSY 33 came with a whale manual bilge pump. Everybody loves this bilge pump. It is built like a tank (much like everything on [read more by clicking on title]

Installing an Adjustable Salon Table

sample CSY salon table

When we bought our CSY 33, the boat came with a rather large dining table with two fold up wings and a liquor cabinet in the center. I felt it really cramped the spaciousness of the salon and we eventually removed the table altogether.

I was looking for a coffee [read more by clicking on title]

The Squall and Gale Force Winds at Cumberland Island

On January 7th, 2009 we awoke with the wind rising and a chop on the river. The wind had shifted from the south to the West putting us on a lee shore if we dragged anchor. It was low tide but we still had plenty of water. The wind really started to howl and I [read more by clicking on title]

Motoring from St. Simons to Cumberland Island

Gascoigne Bluff public dock

From our day trip from Two Way Marina we found that the house batteries we not holding a charge and there was a significant voltage drop after a short period. This meant we had to replace the 4 Deep Cycle Golf Cart batteries which each weighed about 80lbs. We would [read more by clicking on title]

On Anchor at St. Simons Island

Our Dinghy

On January 2, 2009 we moved the boat in closer to Gascoigne Bluff, which is near the causeway bridge and directly across from a public dock so we could row to get to shore. We started out with a 5hp Nissan Outboard that came with the boat when we bought it 5 [read more by clicking on title]