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2.5 YEARS LATER- Update…

I accidentally opened our blog page for the first time since we opened the brewery. Whew- a blast from the past!

It’s been two and a half years since we opened! How things have changed for us in that short amount of time.

OK- the brewery…

Bandit Brewing Co. has grown faster and farther than I ever thought. We started with a small 40 gallon brewing system and I upgraded within 6 months to a 3bbl brewing system (93 gallons). I just ordered tanks for a 5bbl brewing system (155 gallons). We initially had 4 plastic fermenters that were 110 gallons, by our first summer I added 4 more. Last November we ordered and installed 5 new stainless 10bbl fermenters (310 gallons) and a 10bbl brite tank for carbonating beer.

We started distributing beer to bars and restaurants and we currently have 7 accounts but I could double that if I felt I could maintain the quality of the beer.

you can follow us on facebook at:

I have 2 full time employees who are super. We’re making beer as fast as I can to keep up in the summer time.

We would like to add craft distilling to the mix but we have our hands full right now with the beer.

We have a five year plan to expand and open a production facility based on the popular beers from this “experimental brewery”.

The Fam…

Emma is now NINE and Charley SEVEN (holy smokes). They are both beautiful, healthy, and smart cookies. Hil started homeschooling last fall because of the call of our gypsy ways. She took the kids on a road trip of the Oregon Coast and we’re working our way back to a boat and Mexico (eventually).

Emma is turning out to be a great swimmer! She’s on the local swim team and doing great. She was in ballet and dance but the swimming thing is sticking.

Charley is our little gymnast. Wow- she takes after Hil obviously. She just started taking voice lessons and is enjoying that.

Hil is busy. It’s a lot of driving when you live in a little town and all the kids activities are between 17 miles and 77 miles away.

I’m getting a little stir crazy being away from the boat and Mexico for two years now. I went and did a stupid thing.

I ran for Mayor of our little town- and won.

I’m a year and half into my two year term and decided to run for re-election. Local politics is vicious! I feel I’m contributing. That’s what counts in the end.

The Bitter Root valley is famous for fly fishing, floating, hunting, skiing, and all sorts of outdoor activities. There is no shortage of fun things to do (if I could ever leave the brewery). We picked up a 5th wheel camper and enjoy camping as often as we can get away.

The boat….

Ironically, some lovely friends of ours from Mexico just called today and confirmed they want to buy Whiskey Charlie! It will be moving on to a wonderful family who plan on spending the rest of their retirement years living on Whiskey Charlie in the Sea of Cortez.

Now, I can start saving up for that Lagoon 380 I’ve had my eye on….

We’re still as crazy and hard working as ever. When one door closes- another opens. I miss my liveaboard lifestyle and somehow got “hooked” into this land living but I have high hopes I can carve out two months a year (eventually) to get back on the water before we retire and then…back full time whenever and whatever the word “retire” means.

I’m so busy these days I can’t see straight. We opened a fun little part time brewery and now it’s a real business with payroll, bookkeepers, accountants, employees, and all those pesky govermental fees and taxes.

We still run Young Guns Entertainment. In fact, I’m planning a major upgrade this fall to keep Young Guns fresh. Our plan is keep Young Guns rolling until the girls are old enough to take over. Young Guns is the perfect business to train the kids on being self employed and to embrace the crazy entreprenurial ways.

We have wonderful friends and still stay in contact with many of our boat friends.

Who knows what strange winds that may blow? It’s hard to keep up with today much less predicting the future for JCMcDowell and the family unit.

All I know is it’s a wild ride and I have to hold on tight.

All our best,

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